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Our Plant Management and Maintenance Service maximizes the health and development of your plants in both residential and commercial spaces. Plants are alive, and staying alive requires constant care and attention to ensure nature's needs are met, increasing the changes of success. We know you have a lot in your plate already running your business or sorting your home, that is why Green Embassy is your ideal partner to look after your green oasis.


  • Weekly onsite visits by our specialised team

  • Watering & misting (scientific hydric calendar)

  • Pruning (beauty, clinical and for growth)

  • Polishing & Dusting (monthly treatments)

  • Prevention & Treatment for pests (prevention treatments)

  • Nutritional diet (macro and micro nutrition)

  • Seasonal repositioning and solar rotation

  • Light and temperature monitoring (in LUX)

  • Water monitoring pH and TDS (Total Dissolved Solids in water)

  • Pot and Planter cleaning (and plant surroundings)

We work with nature and not against nature. All our treatments and prevention mixtures are created in-house using high quality ingredients all from natural origin specially formulated for the specificity of each plant disease or infestation. They are organic and biodegradable and present nor harm for plants, humans nor animals.

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We aim to respond to your inquiry within the next 24 hours. For any plant emergency please e-mail us directly. 

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