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Interior Plant Design is the practice of arranging and creating a space for living plants in an indoor environment - Biophilic Design. Plants can be a powerful and beautiful presence in your home or office, so creating an interior plant design can make your space more beautiful and

functional. Dedicated specialists at Green Embassy offer interior plant design and installation services so you can have your very own green oasis. We use the highest quality plants to complement any architectural style or environment. We partner with sustainable suppliers making sure Nature is happy.


When designing your interior plant project, we take into account your ideas, lighting, airflow, humidity, traffic flow, temperature changes, and anything else that will affect the health and well-being of your plant collection.


We don’t just do interior plant design. We can also provide a great outdoor plant installation for the exterior or your home terrace or office patio.



  • Purify the air from toxins and pollutants

  • Makes clean oxygen we breath

  • Brings comfort

  • Boost moods and productivity

  • Improve happiness

  • Reduces psychological stress and fatigue

  • Reduce anxiety and cortisol levels

  • Reduce cardiovascular diseases

  • Increase performance and focus

  • Ads life to sterile spaces

  • Enhance cognitive health and creativity

  • Increase healing and pain tolerance

  • Increase relative humidity and temperature

  • Improves acoustics and noise reduction

  • and many more!

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