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Interior Plant Design is the practice of arranging and creating a space for living plants in an indoor environment - Biophilic Design. Plants can be a powerful and beautiful presence in your home or office, so creating an interior plant design can make your space more beautiful and

functional. Dedicated specialists at Green Embassy offer interior plant design and installation services so you can have your very own green oasis. We use the highest quality plants to complement any architectural style or environment. We partner with sustainable suppliers making sure Nature is happy.

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'Green Embassy is a valuable partner, important to our enterprise. Today the experience our clients have is different and much more pleasant and comfortable. The space tells this by itself, and Green Embassy made everything possible with professionalism and with dedication. We highly recommend this partner.'

Business Manager, Província, Campo Pequeno



Our Plant Management and Maintenance Service maximizes the health and development of your plants in both residential and commercial spaces. Plants are alive, and staying alive requires constant care and attention to ensure nature's needs are met, increasing the changes of success. We know you have a lot in your plate already running your business or sorting your home, that is why Green Embassy is your ideal partner to look after your green oasis.

'The Green Embassy team joins profound botanical know-how, with exemplary professionalism and genuine pleasure for what they do. The ever-growing fertile garden of Heden thanks them.'

Business Owner, Heden, Lisbon


We spend time at home more than ever, which means our homes are getting greener by the day. With this in mind we designed a  Plant Technical Consultancy Service that will help you diagnose, assess and treat plant problems you might be struggling with. Our team os botanist and biologists will make a thorough scientific assessment in order to guide you to best care for you plant collection decreasing the time you worry about them, and increasing the moments you share benefiting from them. This service is very complete and you can choose online or in-house option.

'Thanks to your work, I am in love with my plants, and I am grateful for the attention and honesty in guiding me to help care for my plants. Your work is impeccable. I was very lucky to have found you! May your company continue to prosper because there are not enough companies like yours. I am grateful to be a part of the life of my plants e enjoy the beauty they bring to my home.'

Homeowner, Private Home, Campo de Ourique

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